About Rafferty's Garden

Rafferty's Garden About Us

At Rafferty’s Garden, we believe that healthy, natural REAL food is the best and also the tastiest, no matter whether you’re 40, 14 or 4 months old. That’s why we have always set out to make the best food for babies, not just baby food. It’s a subtle difference, but we believe it’s what keeps our standards high for our discerning clientele, even if they aren’t yet walking.

Our Story

Our story begins in 2007 when Rafferty's Garden made its first appearance in supermarket shelves across Australia. Rafferty’s Garden is a brand brought to life by our love of good food and by our belief in ensuring Australian babies get an amazing start to their food journey. Amazing to us means natural, close to source and free from preservatives. Our love of nature and passion for good food will always be the key ingredients to our range of products. We hope that you welcome Rafferty’s Garden into your homes and let the little tummies enjoy the nourishment of delicious, wholesome food we have to offer.     

Nothing Else

We're all about baby food. Delicious, healthy, nutritious, natural food, that's perfect for your growing little one. At Rafferty’s Garden we use only the freshest, most premium ingredients, with no added salt, preservatives, additives or anything artificial.

What we do

We think that parents have a pretty busy job, and sometimes there’s just not enough time in the day to puree carrots and mango (not to mention pumpkin!) Rafferty’s Garden helps to give families around the world a positive start on life’s food journey by simply preparing the simple, healthy foods that you would cook yourself at home.

Why we do it

Most of us become parents someday, just as many of us are at Rafferty’s Garden. We want exactly the same things for our kids as you do. So it gives us an enormous sense of pride to know that we are giving little foodies the healthiest start in life, whether they’re your little bubs or ours.

Our food values

Parents want their babies to have food that’s natural, free from preservatives and nutritious.  We’re passionate about providing meals for little foodies just like this, whilst also making them taste great and easy to prepare. It’s Adrian’s mission and one we’re absolutely dedicated to continuing.

Doing as we say

The proof is in our tasty, healthy food. From selecting only farm fresh ingredients, to the methods we use to cook our meals, to our range of textures to suit different stages of development, our desire to put babies on a positive food path from day one informs everything we do.

Our process

The production methods we’ve developed ensure our meals adhere to our strict desire to provide healthy nutritious meals for your babies and ours. For example, we’ve developed a process that allows us to cook the meals only once at lower temperatures to retain more of their natural flavours and nutritional values. When combined with our unique packaging process, this also ensures our meals can achieve a twelve month shelf life.

Our partners

We are so proud of the great people and organisations that we partner with including;

  • Tresillian Logo  - Australia’s largest child and family health organisation providing expert parenting advice to families during the early years

Teri Lichenstein

Teri is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and Nutritionist with more than 18 years experience. She’s worked in many areas of childhood nutrition including menu development for early childcare centres, training maternal child nurses to up skill nutrition knowledge and facilitates workshops to assist parents and care givers on how to manage fussy eating in kids and help children become competent eaters for life.

Teri is a nutrition media writer for Australian Food News and is a guest lecturer for nutrition students at Universities across Australia. When she finds the time between juggling work and looking after her kids, she blogs at www.foodbytes.com.au and loves to share photos of her family meals on Instagram.

Teri takes a wholesome and realistic approach to feeding her two kids, aged 5 and 7 years old. They love helping out in the kitchen and are very willing (usually!) to try new foods and recipes. Teri’s kitchen is always stocked with fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as an array of convenient, yet nutritious foods that help to ensure her family eat well, whilst managing busy schedules.

Teri is the nutrition advisor to Rafferty’s Garden and provides credible expertise to support our teams and our customers. You can find out more about Teri and learn about nutrition for babies and toddlers by visiting our Nutrition & Development blog, as well as our Facebook and Instagram communities.